Addis Ababa part 2…

As I shared in my previous blog post, it’s been almost 3 years since my visit to Ethiopia and as I go through my images it feels like it was yesterday. It’s a pleasure to revisit the work as a learning process but also to remember moments captured. The pictures below are of everyday life… Continue reading Addis Ababa part 2…

Addis Ababa’s Merkato

It’s been almost 3 years since my visit to Ethiopia. I had the pleasure of visiting a friend in Addis Ababa and it remains one of my most enjoyable and memorable trips to date. Ethiopia is a nation so rich in beauty; the physical and its people, the colours, the history, the list goes on….… Continue reading Addis Ababa’s Merkato

A stroll through Old town Malindi….

I have really slacked in updating my blog and only have myself to blame for this! I just moved to new accommodation and my roommate is a beautiful artist. I credit her to challenging me to get back to sharing my images and to stop making excuses. So thank you Demi! 🙂  I feel like… Continue reading A stroll through Old town Malindi….

New Beginning, New Chapter. Roma

This first blog post is long long overdue! One that is riddled with excitement and curiosity coupled with anxiety and uncertainty. Moving home and changing careers in order to follow my passion was not an easy decision but there have been lots of moments since whereby something or someone has re-affirmed that this was a choice worth making. I… Continue reading New Beginning, New Chapter. Roma