A long overdue road trip…

I’ve taken a very long break from blog posts but really happy to be back now. I felt it fitting to resume with something simple and close to home. This trip was long overdue and is a journey I wish as a family, we made more often. Last year, we decided to go up-country to Meru and visit my  Guka (grandfather). It had been too long and we were all longing for the beautiful drive to the countryside and simply just breathing fresher, crisper air at my grandfather’s home.

It was a chance for all of us to reminisce, for my Mother and Guka to bicker as usual and to pay respects to my late Cucu (grandmother).

I was also fascinated my grandfather’s affinity to the colour blue!! 🙂

Hope you enjoy the below images.

Until next time…Ciao!! xo


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