Addis Ababa’s Merkato

It’s been almost 3 years since my visit to Ethiopia. I had the pleasure of visiting a friend in Addis Ababa and it remains one of my most enjoyable and memorable trips to date. Ethiopia is a nation so rich in beauty; the physical and its people, the colours, the history, the list goes on….

One blog entry on Addis will not suffice so today I chose to focus  “Merkato”, said to be the largest open air market in Africa. I spent a better part of a day walking through the market and it was overwhelming even with my lovely local guide Million Mulatu.

One could spend days in Merkato observing the market vendors go about their business, soaking in the culture and it still wouldn’t be enough! It is as much chaotic as it is exciting.

Just about everything is sold here! Name it..they HAVE it!!!

This is just but a small glimpse of a beautiful and fascinating place…the people, the colours, the culture and the smiles.

I hope you enjoy the below images.

Until next time…Ciao xo



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