A stroll through Old town Malindi….

I have really slacked in updating my blog and only have myself to blame for this! I just moved to new accommodation and my roommate is a beautiful artist. I credit her to challenging me to get back to sharing my images and to stop making excuses. So thank you Demi! 🙂  I feel like I’m now in a space that channels and inspires creativity.

I would like to share images I took in Malindi, a small coastal town in Kenya. I’ve been travelling to Malindi since I was a child and for some reason even after all this time, not much has changed. People here march to a different drum, life moves a little slower making it a welcomed escape. My guess is Malindi will still be the same in 10 years, I sometimes find that a little frustrating but perhaps that’s what makes it charming.

The town is small and very easy to get around on foot making it that more interesting to take a stroll and soak in the history, the ruins that date back centuries, the laid-back nature of its inhabitants, the colours….

Hope you enjoy the below images.

Until Next Time (hopefully soon 😉 )….Ciao xx



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