New Beginning, New Chapter. Roma

This first blog post is long long overdue! One that is riddled with excitement and curiosity coupled with anxiety and uncertainty. Moving home and changing careers in order to follow my passion was not an easy decision but there have been lots of moments since whereby something or someone has re-affirmed that this was a choice worth making.

I am blessed with a wonderful family and a great group of friends, they know who they are. I dedicate this first blog post to them. They have supported me and championed me when I was losing faith in myself and my abilities. These folks have given me second wind and helped me find the courage and resolve to take a leap and pursue my dreams in whatever way I deem fit. I would like to say ASANTE SANA.

When I got into photography I came across a blog that had a great takeaway point being, “shoot who you are.” The medium of photography has been a key denominator through the ages, one that remains constant – a record of the rhythm of human activities in permanent form as a pleasant visual reminder of our collective history and ever evolving landscape of experiences. For me, this in essence is the most invaluable and most alluring aspect of photography and why I’m inspired to pick up my camera and shoot and learn and shoot and keep learning.

I hadn’t picked up my camera for a while and I was really looking forward to shooting again. I’ve had a love affair with Rome for as long as I can remember. A feeling of Joie de vivre fills the air! I could walk the streets all day without tiring! And indeed it was the perfect city to get shooting again and fitting as well to be my first blog post. Every time I go to Rome I feel inspired and I never want to leave!!! So much to see, so little time, be it the people, architecture, vibrant and charming street life, haunting sights, quaint cafes and as always great food! Always happy to be back. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the below images.

Until next time…Grazie Mille!

Ciao! Xo


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